All acts of hazing, as defined by this policy, by any individual student or sanctioned or promoted by any College/University registered student club or organization and any of its members or alumni are prohibited. Students are entitled to be treated with consideration and respect, and no individual may perform an act that is likely to cause physical or psychological harm to any other person within the College/University community. Accordingly, any such behavior is expressly forbidden when related to the admission, initiation, pledging, joining, or any other group-affiliation activity.

Any student or organization found to be involved in any hazing activity will face conduct action and may be subjected to suspension or expulsion from the College/University. A violation of this policy may exist irrespective of any alleged voluntary or consensual participation in the activity by the person(s) being abused.


  1. Clem was inducted into an unrecognized club that was made up of some members of the College/University marching band. As part of the induction activities, Clem was asked to do calisthenics half-naked in extreme heat at the request of club leaders. Clem was told he did not have to do them, but that all members did them and it improved their on-field stamina. Clem voluntarily engaged in the calisthenics. This type of behavior violates the hazing policy, regardless of the “voluntariness” of Clem’s decision.
  2. Rick joined Omega Pi Lambda, a fraternity. His pledge class took an oath not to haze, and was repeatedly warned of the fraternity’s anti-hazing policy by current members. Rick’s pledge class had heard of the long history of hazing that had gone on in their fraternity before they joined, and they felt like they were missing out. All the members had earned their stripes, but Rick’s class was under new rules. They wanted to prove themselves to their brothers, so one night Rick and his pledge class secretly invaded Rho Mu Alpha, and stole their flag. The following Sunday, in a solemn presentation, Rick and his cohorts presented the flag of their rival to their chapter leaders, who accepted it with honor and much conversation about how the covert mission was accomplished. The leaders of Omega Pi Lambda faced accusations of violating the College/University’s abusive affiliation policy. They argued that they did not take the flag, and expressly told the new initiates not to haze. The College/University found them in violation for encouraging the activity by accepting the flag, glamorizing its theft, and failing to report the behavior to College/University officials once they were aware of it.

[College/University may choose to include the language from the State Hazing Law here, with a reminder that alleged violations of law are also subject to the (optional) Violation of Law provision of the code.]

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